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Workflow automation makes your permits, licenses, and internal processes run faster and work better for everyone.

ClearForms is affordable workflow automation designed just for local governments. With ClearForms, you can help more constituents in less time, and provide more responsive and accessible services. You can build digital forms for permitting, licensing, service requests, and internal workflows that are customized for your local needs. Our low-cost, cloud-based software tools are ethically designed for government: they’re user-friendly and help reduce time wasted on paper forms and email. Every government needs a workflow solution!

When you're ready to ditch paper forms, PDFs, and clunky legacy systems, ClearForms is here to help. It's easy to set up and use, and has features built just for government like reviews, approvals, and integrated payments. Governments need more than just digital forms, since each form is often just the first step in a workflow. And governments workflows are unique, they often include reviews, internal and external communications, issuing a permit or license, or sending out an inspector. With ClearForms, everyone can see the real-time status of each workflow or application. We're good for internal workflows like mileage reimbursement or staff transfers and for external workflows like dog or business licenses. Connect with us to learn how moving from paper or PDF forms to digital workflows can transform your operations, increase your revenue, and make your staff and constituents happy. We're happy to show you our software or you can get started on your own.

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