CityGrows is a flexible workflow automation platform designed to help local governments bring permits, licenses, and processes online quickly and at low cost.

We support just about any type of process. Here are just a few examples of workflows our users are designing:

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Special event and block party permits

Improve neighborhood cohesion and preparedness by increasing block parties and special events

Special event permits often require mutliple departments to sign off and review. With CityGrows, routing for approval is automatic and applicants are kept up to date. The platform offers the option for digital signature collection from neighborhood members. Pre-COVID, when block party or special event permits were moved to CityGrows, governments saw 3-5x increase in participation, increasing neighborhood cohesion.

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"CityGrows helped us increase the number of block parties in our community, helping us meet our goal of connecting neighbors and improving disaster preparedness and community connections."
- Julie Rusk Santa Monica Wellbeing

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