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Contract Tracking
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"We've been pleased with how [ClearForms] helps our staff submit and track new contract requests. [ClearForms] helps cross-functional teams review contract requests quickly and moves the work much faster. The built-in open data feature makes it easy to provide real-time open data to our community."
Beth Rosen, City of West Hollywood

Do paper contracts and contract request forms sit for days or weeks at your local government waiting for approval? Do departmental, finance, and legal team members get frustrated tracking down status updates and emailing back and forth? When employees are working from home and in the field, digital forms and approvals are even more important to keep things running smoothly.

Online contract management makes things move faster and more smoothly for everyone.

  • Online submissions can include attachments
  • Real-time, automatic status updates reduces back and forth emails and phone calls
  • Online review and approvals require less staff time per contract

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