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Job Applications
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"Bringing our job applications online with [ClearForms] helped our team process large numbers of applicants quickly, and diversified our applicant pool."
Renee Lamis, Chief of Staff, City of Erie, Pennsylvania

When local governments need to fill public safety, fire, or other positions, it can be challenging to source a diverse pool of applicants. Especially when you're short on staff, it can be challenging to review applications received via email and track candidate status. With online applications on ClearForms, local governments are able to recruit applicants from a larger geographic area and diversify their applicant pool. Some governments charge an application fee via the ClearForms platform to cover application processing costs.

  • Online review reduces the time needed to review applications
  • Built-in communication tools make it easier to schedule interviews
  • Automated messages reduce the administrative burden of hiring
  • Accepting and tracking applications online communicates that you're a modern, forward-thinking agency where people will want to work.

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