CityGrows is a flexible workflow automation platform designed to help local governments bring permits, licenses, and processes online quickly and at low cost.

We support just about any type of process. Here are just a few examples of workflows our users are designing:

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Job applications

Increase the size and diversity of your applicant pool with online applications

When local governments need to fill public safety or fire positions, it can be challenging to source a diverse pool of applicants. With online applications on CityGrows, local governments are able to recruit applicants from a larger geographic area and diversify their applicant pool. Some governments charge an application fee via the CityGrows platform to cover costs.

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"We used CityGrows to offer online applications for our Fire Department for the first time ever. With the online applications we generated revenue, were able to review more easily, and diversified our applicant pool."
- Renee Lamis, City of Erie, PA

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