ClearForms helps local government teams work from home during COVID-19 Response

Use ClearForms to bring core permitting, licensing, and request processes online so staff and residents can interact digitally
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Low-cost, cloud-based workflow tools like ClearForms can get your staff working from home in as quickly as one week.

Local governments usually provide services in person, so how can you cope with the need to have staff work from home? Having staff work remotely may help protect the community from spreading disease and is necessary for parents when schools are closed.


is helping governments across the country quickly set up online services to allow local governments to continue offering permits, licenses, and to create new online workflows to respond to the current situation.

  • Personnel departments are creating "work from home" approval forms on the fly
  • Tax commissioners are creating new online filing options for local income taxes
  • Clerks and treasurers are offering online filing for Business Licenses and Pet Licenses for the first time.

Because it's easy to copy what other governments have already created on ClearForms, we can help you get new workflows up and running in just a few days.

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