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ClearForms automated online workflows make clunky, non-mobile responsive, non-accessible PDFs obsolete.

PDFs were made for paper, not for the web or mobile. And unless your PDFs already tie in to full-featured workflow software, putting a fillable PDF online only helps with the first step of your process. ClearForms helps you replace fillable or scanned PDFs with digital, mobile-responsive forms, and automates your workflow from start to finish. Because ClearForms lets you build all the steps of a workflow online (forms, signatures, reviews and approvals, payments, and issuing permits or licenses) your constituents and staff can work together to move things forward quickly.

Many local governments are concerned that PDFs aren't accessible or mobile-responsive, and some have even had to deal with legal challenges to their online PDFs. It's time to get PDFs off your site and replace them with new ClearForms workflows.

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