Logic for complex workflows

CityGrows allows you to trigger data collection and reviews conditionally, creating a better experience for applicants and more precise data for you
Screenshot of CityGrows template editor

CityGrows' logic features improve data and approval accuracy and help workflows move faster

Many government workflows are complex: the information that's entered in one part of the workflow changes what happens later on. Logic in forms helps to prevent data entry errors or missing information. For example, if an applicant indicates that they're applying for a Fictitious Business License as a married couple, CityGrows can require that they enter a spouse's name before continuing. Until CityGrows, these kinds of complex business rules, conditional triggers, variable fees, and conditional reviews had to be part of a complex, expensive, or custom-coded system. CityGrows makes it possible for non-technical staff to configure complex workflows by using formulas and our logic features.

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