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Our Product: ClearForms Software

ClearForms, a ClearGov platform, is a low-cost permitting and licensing software for local governments. Governments choose ClearForms because it's cost-effective, fast to set up, increases self-sufficiency, and streamlines permitting. 

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Local governments digitize and automate their workflows from start to finish, and improve operational efficiency, transparency, and compliance. The ClearForms platform allows any government employee – regardless of technical skill – to structure and improve their workflows by collecting information from the public, automating constituent communications, processing online payments, and managing everything through our smart dashboard. 

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The ClearForms Team

CityGrows (now ClearForms) was incorporated in 2015 with a mission to transform and improve government. We began providing digital permitting and licensing for governments in 2016. The City of Santa Monica, CA was our first government partner. CityGrows has grown to support counties and municipalities in California, Pennsylvania, Minnesota, Illinois, Oregon, Kansas, and Massachusetts. We provide services to governments as large as the City of Los Angeles and as small as Emsworth, PA.

The CityGrows platform team has an extensive background in technology, civic innovation, and startup development. Here's more on our team and open roles.The CityGrows platform has received regional, national and international awards for our technology and work with local governments, and was listed on the 2021 GovTech 100.

In June of 2022, ClearGov, a leading local government budgeting platform, acquired the CityGrows platform.

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