Fast and Flexible Set Up

Instead of waiting months for an RFP to be issued, and then even more time for your IT team or external consultant to configure older software, you and your team can set up, test, and launch a new permit or license right away. Some governments have gone live in just a few days!

If we've learned anything from recent events, it's that municipalities and counties have to be flexible and ready to respond in real time to new challenges.

Government teams that use ClearForms can set up, test, and launch a new permit, license, or workflow in just a few days. You may never have thought of yourself as a "tech person" but using ClearForms software may change your mind.

ClearForms is designed so that the people who really understand a permit, license, or process can set up their own workflows. By not "outsourcing" the set up of your technology to an internal or external IT consultant, your team can control and understand your own technology. That's powerful!

Typically the process of getting a team's input and thinking through how a process can be streamlined by bringing it online takes longer than the actual technical setup.

Once a new workflow is created on ClearForms, all it takes is adding the link to your website to set it live. There's no IT support needed.

After launch, it's easy to edit and respond to changing needs and requirements over time. Connect with our team for a demonstration of how easy it is to set up a new permit. Or get started on your own! We'll be there to help via online chat if you have questions!

Set up and launch a new online permit, license, or workflow in a few days. Really.