Customizable, mobile-responsive online forms for local government

ClearForms collects information from applicants and from staff with user-friendly online forms. Data is validated so it's formatted consistently, addresses are mapped, and you can easily accept files uploads through our mobile-responsive forms.
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ClearForms' online forms and data collection are easy to set up - data validation makes sure permit and license applications move forward quickly with all the data that's needed.

Collecting information is at the heart of government workflows. With ClearForms you can easily create online forms to capture the information you need for permit and license applications. It's easy to set up and label different types of fields to make sure the data you collect is formatted correctly. You decide which fields are required, conditional, or optional, and which are included in our automatic open data. You can choose from text, numeric, date, geographic or "files" (uploads) as field types. And if someone doesn't complete all the required fields on a form, they're not able to move to the next step in a workflow, so we prevent incomplete submissions. Forms are easy to edit, so you can revise your workflows as conditions or policies change. And because online forms are easier to use than paper or PDF applications, governments see an increase in compliance and revenue when they switch to ClearForms.

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