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ClearForms is part of ClearGov's cloud-based government software solutions that help modernize local government organizations.
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Mike from York
"Cost, time to implement, and self-sufficiency really made the difference for us."
- Mike from York, PA
Mike from York
"We increased compliance rates and transitioned quickly to working from home."
- Kammi from Inyo County, CA
Woman interacts with government admin via phone

End permitting hassles

Replace paper, PDFs, and basic online forms with our automated permitting platform for local government.

Before ClearForms

Paper, PDF forms and legacy software bog you down and make things feel slow and inefficient.

After ClearForms

Online applications are automatically routed where they need to go. Compliance rates go up. Permits are issued 75% faster.

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Mike from York
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September 24, 2022
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Up and running, fast.

Simple setup and affordable pricing means it takes as little as a half hour to set up a permitting workflow on ClearForms.

Governments can use ClearForms for just about any type of workflow

Unlike other platforms, ClearForms doesn't limit you to predetermined permit types. Our workflow editor is use-case agnostic. Here are just a few examples of workflows our customers have built.

Building Permits

East Williston, New York
Population: 2.5k
Woman gets a building permit online

Business Licenses

Inyo County, California
Population: 18k
Woman gets a business license online

Job Applications

Coachella Valley Association of Governments
Population: 463k
Man completes a job application online

Outdoor Dining Permits

Los Angeles, California
Population: 4M
Woman gets an outdoor dining permit online

Zoning Approvals

Emsworth, Pennsylvania
Population: 2.5k
Woman gets a zoning approval online

Dog Licenses

Erie, Pennsylvania
Population: 97k
Man gets a dog license online

311/ Service Request

York, Pennsylvania
Population: 44k
Woman submits a 311 request online

Professional Licenses

Lake Barrington, Illinois
Population: 5k
Hair stylist gets a business license online

Encroachment Permits

West Hollywood, California
Population: 36k
Man gets an encroachment permit online

Block party/ Special Event Permits

Santa Monica, California
Population: 91k
Woman gets a block party permit online

Transportation Demand Management

Santa Monica, California
Population: 91k
A man manages transportation demand from his phone

Parking Permits

West Hollywood, California
Population: 36k
Man gets a parking permit online

Employee Evaluations

Monrovia, California
Population: 37k
Man completes an employee evaluation online

Contract Tracking

West Hollywood, California
Population: 36k
A women tracks contracts online

Short Term Rental Registration

Woman registers short term rental property online

Cannabis Permitting

Man gets cannabis permit online

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