"Open by default" data and transparency

With ClearForms you can automatically create simple, useful open data, while controlling what information is visible to the public.
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ClearForms provides "open by default" data and helps you be more transparent

Local governments have a responsibility to be transparent to their constituents and spend a lot of time complying with "Freedom of Information" requests. Open data helps governments be accessible but many governments struggle to provide data access. Until ClearForms, open data portals were often expensive to set up and hard to maintain, and they don't help much with "personal "transparency - the ability permit, application, or request, in real time. That's why we built in automatic, affordable transparency and open data features in ClearForms. Any applicant or staffer can check the status of an individual application at any time. And our "open by default" Data and Stats tab for each workflow provides straightforward data to your community but also lets you control which information is and isn't included. With ClearForms, all governments big or small can provide great open data and transparency to their communities.

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