Integrated online signatures

Many workflows require applicants and/or staff to "sign off." With CityGrows, signing on your phone's touchscreen or with your mouse means capturing signature data is easy.
Screenshot of CityGrows template editor

CityGrows helps you integrate online signatures into your permits, licenses, and processes through our workflow automation tools.

Collecting signatures is an important part of many permit and license applications. Signatures and sign-off are essential for how government works. With CityGrows, applicants and government staff can sign digital forms and sign off on reviews - the image of the signature is captured and linked to the workflow, and can be viewed online or included in exports. CityGrows makes it easy to sign and move things forward quickly and efficiently. Signatures are captured via mouse or on a tablet or phone's touchscreen for mobile users. We track date, time, and exactly who signed, so authorizations are clear and auditable.

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