Formulas and calculations

With ClearForms you can automatically calculate fees, scores, or other numerical values based on numeric or text inputs in online forms.
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Formulas and calculations help ensure your applicants pay the correct fees

Government loves numbers! Many government workflows contain calculations, such as building permit fees based on square footage. If you use a PDF form to gather this data, those calculations have to happen somewhere - often manually or on a spreadsheet, where there's lots of room for errors. With ClearForms, the information that's entered into a form can automatically be used in a calculation that you build. Behind the scenes, you can assign numeric values to text-based multiple choice answers (so if someone picks "electrical" for permit type, they'll get a different fee than if they pick "plumbing.") ClearForms supports complex, multi-term calculations for scores for things like employee evaluations, and even nested and logic-driven formulas.

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