Copy what works

Most governments have similar functions and requirements, with subtle local differences. For example your permit fees and who reviews on your team will be different than the next community, even though you both issue building permits. ClearForms lets you draft off the work that other governments have done so you can be up and running quickly.

One of the best things about working in local government is that you can share your knowledge and work together with other communities.

With ClearForms it's easy to get started by using the shell of a permit or license process that another government has already built and field-tested. Then it's easy to add in your own fee schedule amounts and adjust any formulas or review steps to match your existing process.

The ClearForms team can recommend which processes in our system are the closest match to what you're looking to do and help you get started.

Even if you decide to start "from scratch" on a new workflow setup, it's often helpful to see how other governments have set up their permits for reference.

Don't reinvent the wheel. ClearForms makes it easy to copy permits and licenses that are successful for other governments.