Control your own technology

You may never have thought you'd be a "tech person," but ClearForms makes it easy to set up and manage your own permits and licenses. That means you're in control, not your overworked IT team or some external consultant or vendor who doesn't care about your work.

There's nothing worse than knowing that you need to update your permit or license workflow, and being powerless to do it.

It used to be that a programmer, IT person, or consultant was needed to set up or make changes to government technology. Not any more!

Government teams that use ClearForms control their own technology. They can quickly set up a new application or permit, change the questions on their online forms, and adjust fees and requirements in real time.

Being able to set up and manage your permitting and licensing technology will give your team more pride and ownership over the process, especially when they can take credit for saving everyone time with new digital permits and applications.

Because ClearForms is totally cloud-based, there's no local server hosting or need for upgrades.

Don't get stuck waiting for IT or an external consultant to set up or edit your permits. Do it yourself with ClearForms.