Transportation Demand Management

Make it easier for developers or employers to track and report their traffic impacts and mitigation strategies

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Transportation Demand management
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"When we moved our Emission Reduction Plan and its complex employee surveys online with [ClearForms], we knew it would help things move faster. But we were surprised when the time it takes to complete the processes dropped by more than a month, and we're very pleased with how much easier it is to accept fee payments online. We can really show how much progress we’re making."
Jack Moreau, City of Santa Monica

Transportation demand management workflows are extremely complex. Local governments require real estate developers and/or businesses to track, report on, and mitigate the traffic impacts of their operations.

That means a lot of detailed reporting about how employees and residents travel to and from buildings, and in some locations fees and mitigation efforts (like supporting public transit fares or encouraging bike commuting) that can impact costs and development agreements.

Local governments can use ClearForms to track and calculate complex values like Average Vehicle Ridership and help employers and developers stay compliant with local guidelines.

Santa Monica's Worksite Transportation Plan workflow was the very first process that went live on ClearForms back in 2016. Read an early case study of how we improved the process for businesses and Santa Monica City Staff.

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