Streamline permitting and stop wasting time

Don't settle for a system where everyone is frustrated by how long it takes to issue permits. Permitting and licensing teams who use ClearForms spend less time correcting incomplete applications and chasing down approvals. Everyone can see status updates and knows when to move a process forward.

When permits and licenses get stuck, everyone is frustrated.

Applicants call and email multiple staff members and elected officials to try and move things along. Slow approvals of new construction and new business licenses can impact local employment and economic recovery. ClearForms' real-time application status is always visible to everyone involved in a permitting process. This reduces unnecessary status calls, emails, and complaints to elected officials.

Front line staff get frustrated when they have to chase down applicants because of incomplete information. ClearForms' systems ensure that applications are complete before they get to staff.

Reviewers don't know when an application is ready for review, and can lose track of what's on their desk or in their email. ClearForms' smart dashboard shows each reviewer or inspector what's next in their queue.

With ClearForms, permits and licenses are issued faster and with less staff time.

Ready to reduce the time it takes to issue a permit or license by 75%+ ?