Case Study: Colonial Beach VA launches business licensing in a week
Jasmine Burns
May 31, 2022

Case Study: Colonial Beach VA launches business licensing in a week

The Town of Colonial Beach, Virginia, had been working on accomplishing a Town Council priority of launching a new website and improving its customer experience by providing online business licenses when they googled “licensing software” and found CityGrows. The Town Manager, India Adams-Jacobs, started the process and then brought in the Finance department. They scheduled an online demonstration with the team,  evaluated the software and made a decision quickly.

The Finance team’s approval was critical since their department managed the Business License and Gross Receipts Tax workflow that the town wanted to bring online. Town Manager India Adams-Jacobs was determined to get their workflow online before their annual licensing renewal period began - but there were less than two weeks until the date the process would have to be live!

Because Colonial Beach wanted to bring a relatively complex workflow online very fast, they asked the CityGrows team to help them with the setup. Their licenses involved formulas, logic, and a custom PDF output. Typically, local government staffers build their own workflows on CityGrows. But Colonial Beach didn’t have even a day to spare if they were going to make their deadline.

The Custom PDF Output License Format Created by Colonial Beach

In order to go live as quickly as possible, Colonial Beach paid a small fee in addition to their annual subscription for CityGrows staff to convert their existing paper application into a CityGrows Collect Information step. Then the team interviewed Colonial Beach staff to find out what happens after the form is signed and submitted by an applicant: which staff needs to review, how fees are calculated, and what the completed license should look like.

Town Manager Adams-Jacobs said, "It took less than a day to have a testable license application up and running. Less than a week from when we started, the first business received its license online! We're getting great feedback from our local business owners about the new online licensing option and we're very happy we found CityGrows."

Are you looking to get a permit or license online, but think there’s no way you could get it done fast enough? Connect with the CityGrows team by setting up a working session or via our online chat option and let’s see how quickly we can turn your paper form into a streamlined digital workflow! 

Jasmine Burns

Jasmine Burns is ClearForms' Customer Success Manager. She supports new governments in learning how to use ClearForms and manages our online support channels. She studied cybersecurity at the University of Maryland and has been part of the ClearForms team since 2018. She's based in Erie, Pennsylvania.

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