Why ClearForms?

ClearForms is affordable permitting and licensing software designed specifically for local governments. Our software and business model are based on our values-driven approach to technology for government. Our focus is on improving all aspects of how government functions for government employees and their constituents, so we've built an online permitting and licensing tool that is:

  • Configurable by non-technical people, so you can control your own technology rather than being dependent on an overburdened IT teams or outside consultants.

Curious? Check out our simple video overview.

Additionally, ClearForms is remote-ready workflow automation software for local government. There are many reasons that City Managers, County Administrators, and Department Heads are choosing ClearForms to bring permitting, licensing, and internal workflows online.

ClearForms is remote-ready:

  • Workflow automation tools allow teams to work together efficiently to move processes forward without being in the same place.
  • Constituents and business can continue submitting permits and licenses from home
  • Create new, unexpected workflows as needed

ClearForms makes workflows go faster:

  • Applicants have 24/7 access to the status of their requests/ applications, reducing phone calls and emails to staff.
  • Staff can review, approve, and track permit progress digitally, from their computers or phones.
  • Automated email updates and communication features reduce administrative burdens on staff.
  • In-app Discussion features mean less email-based interdepartmental communication and reliance on spreadsheets
  • Staff serve a larger number of people/ requests with the same/ smaller number of staff hours.
  • Reserve your staff time for people who truly require in-person or phone assistance

ClearForms can be used by any department, not just one:

  • Build any type of permit or license
  • Add as many or as few staff as required to each workflow
  • Add as many departments or types of permits as needed.

ClearForms increases compliance and revenue:

  • With easier applications, more constituents complete required permits and licenses
  • Revenue increases along with compliance
  • Integrated online payments reduce incompletes and ensure that detailed information is available for payment reconciliation.

ClearForms improves constituent engagement:

  • Access to start new applications is available to your residents, even when your offices are closed
  • Simple, customizable open data features support increased transparency without creating additional burdens for staff.

ClearForms increases your ability to view control your team’s technology and data

  • Rapid, non-technical workflow setup and editing tools.
  • Built-in performance management tools
  • Searchable, sortable data and robust exports

ClearForms can help your government work smarter, and convert your short-term strategies for making it through COVID into sustainable, manageable digital services.

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