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ICMA Work from home agreement

ICMA Work from home agreement
  • Based on ICMA's recommended format for telework/ work from home agreements
  • Designed for small / medium sized organizations or departments with a single layer of approval
  • Quickly approve telework plans

We've heard from many local government leaders that their teams are struggling with the need to quickly transition to working from home because of COVID-19. ICMA (The international City/ County Management Association) recommends that local governments quickly implement telework/ work from home policies. When we saw that their recommended telework form was a PDF, we realized that we could help local governments quickly implement work from home agreements that were based on ICMA's recommended format, delivered as a digital template that each government can customize for its own needs.

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Use case
Setting up agreements for employees working from home/ remotely
Time to complete
1-2 days
Has payment
ICMA (International City and County Management Association)