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Temporary Permit for Outdoor Dining and Restaurant Reopening

Temporary Permit for Outdoor Dining and Restaurant Reopening

Los Angeles' Mayor Garcetti launched L.A. Al Fresco on May 29, 2020 to support outdoor dining opportunities for restaurants. This workflow is available for any government to copy and customize for your local needs.

CityGrows helped the City of LA issue more than 200 customized, downloadable sidewalk and private property outdoor dining permits within 24 hours.

This Temporary Outdoor Dining permit, modeled on L.A. Al Fresco, aims to help businesses reopen while allowing customers and employees to maintain the physical distance recommended by public health officials. Through this workflow you can offer temporary, no-cost allowances or permits for restaurants to provide outdoor dining in the following areas:

  • Sidewalks
  • Private Parking Lots
  • Street Parking Spaces/Parklets
  • Street Closures (partial and full)

Eligible restaurants will immediately receive approval for sidewalks and private parking lots upon application, and are able to download a customized dining permit.

Applicants may also request to use streets and parking spaces for dining, which requires additional review and approval not necessary for sidewalk and private property expansions. The application anticipates requests from groups of restaurants or entities such as BIDs, Business Associations, and Chambers of Commerce.

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Use case
Allowing restaurants to use sidewalks, parking lots, and streets to allow more space for safe outdoor dining
Can include: Street Services, Health Department, Building and Safety
Time to complete
15 minutes - 1 day
Has payment
City of Los Angeles, LA Al Fresco