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Street Furniture or Parklet Permit

Street Furniture or Parklet Permit

This workflow is based on one created by the City of Los Angeles PeopleSt program. PeopleSt uses ClearForms for applications from community members and businesses that want to add new street furniture, plazas, parklets, or bike corrals.

Key features:

  • Digital reminders help keep a complex process moving
  • Mobile upload of photos and plans
  • Automated communications reduce administrative burden

This process extends over many months and has complex requirements both for applicants and for multiple internal reviews. With ClearForms, applicants can start, save, and return to their application at any time to check the status. They can upload proposed designs, plans, and photos of the current streetscape. City staff can easily review all this information in one place, and converse with applicants and other admins via the ClearForms Discussion feature. We make a complex workflow understandable and manageable for applicants and staff.

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Use case
Transportation / Streets and Infrastructure
Transportation, Designers, Engineers
Time to complete
6 months
Has payment
Los Angeles Department of Transportation