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Restaurant Reopening Permit

Restaurant Reopening Permit

The purpose of this workflow is to allow Health Departments to have local restaurants register and document the procedures they are planning to implement when they reopen after COVID-19 closure restrictions about on-premises dining are lifted.

This workflow collects basic information about the restaurant, its plans for reopening, the type of safety measures it will provide for its staff and for diners and patrons.

ClearForms has developed this restaurant reopening workflow with the input of Health Departments, Restaurant Association Recommendations, and consultations with local experts. As with all CityGrows workflows, it will be easy for local Health Departments to adjust this workflow to reflect your local requirements and requests of restaurants.

ClearForms' built-in open data features will allow any Health Department using this workflow to provide a real-time map and listing of all restaurants that have completed the workflow.

Use this link to test this workflow from the role of a restaurant completing it.

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Post-COVID reopening protocol
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