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Public Safety Employment Application

Public Safety Employment Application

This employment application workflow is based on one developed by the City of Erie, PA to recruit candidates for its Fire Department, but it can be adapted for any job application and applicant review workflow.

Key features:

  • Automates public safety employment applications
  • Incorporates application fee to offset costs
  • Helps increase quantity and quality of applicant pool

Many governments struggle to have a large, diverse, and well-qualified applicant pool for essential public safety positions. By bringing employment applications and candidate review workflows online, you are able to draw from a larger candidate pool.

This workflow is somewhat unique among employment applications in that it includes a nominal fee. For desirable positions like Firefighters, governments can sometimes be overwhelmed with large application volumes. Including a small application fee allows you to recoup some of the staff cost of reviewing and processing applications.

With this workflow, the City of Erie saw a 50% increase in applicant volume, as well as an associated increase in revenue. With ClearForms, they needed less staff time to process a larger volume of applications. It's easy adapt this workflow to reflect your own local employment requirements.

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Public Safety Employment Application
Job applicant, Human Resources, Public Safety
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1 week
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Erie, PA