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Mileage and Expense Reimbursement

Mileage and Expense Reimbursement

It's important that employees have a way to quickly and securely submit mileage reimbursement requests, and know whether they've been approved/ scheduled for payment. With this ClearForms Mileage Reimbursement workflow, you provide everyone involved with mileage reimbursement a way to quickly and easily submit requests and track their status.

  • Automatically calculates reimbursement amount
  • Real-time access to the status of all reimbursement requests
  • Easy to submit and review on mobile

This workflow automatically calculates the amount to be reimbursed based on a $.54/ mile rate, and if you'd like to change those calculations you can easily adapt the formula. If you'd like to expand this workflow to be a more general expense reimbursement form, that's easy to do as well. We use this workflow to track reimbursements for our employees, and now we're seeing governments use this type of workflow on ClearForms as well.

If the reimbursement administrator needs more information about the request, it's easy to use the ClearForms Discussion feature to ask for more details or revisions. And it's completely up to each government that uses ClearForms to decide which staff review these requests, in which order. Like everything on ClearForms, it's easy to adapt a workflow to meet your local needs and requirements.

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