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Large Government Work From Home Agreement

Large Government Work From Home Agreement
  • Allows for multiple layers of sign-off on a comprehensive telework agreement
  • Suitable for larger organizations
  • Captures applicant and supervisor signatures/ approval

This telework agreement was drafted by the City of Los Angeles, and is appropriate for larger organizations that require multiple layers of sign-off on a work-from-home plan. We recommend that most smaller organizations use the ICMA-approved Work from Home format. In this workflow, the applicant must enter the email address of their supervisor for sign-off. We've heard from many local government leaders that their teams are struggling with the need to quickly transition to working from home because of COVID-19, so we wanted to make this available for larger organizations that might be looking for more complex solutions.

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Use case
Telework agreement for large organizations with multiple layers of approval
Time to complete
1-3 days
Has payment
City of Los Angeles