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Employee Onboarding

Employee Onboarding

Are all new employees in your organization onboarded in a standardized and trackable way? ClearForms built out this employee onboarding workflow for our own use, and now we're seeing governments use ClearForms to help make their new employee process faster and easier.

Key features:

  • Helps ensure new employees complete all required onboarding activities
  • Online signatures record of agreement and acknowledgement of policies and procedures
  • All stakeholders can see real-time employee status

With a digital employee onboarding workflow, any organization can make sure that none of the key steps in the onboarding process (for either employees or for Human Resources / Personnel staff) are inadvertently overlooked. It's also really helpful for record keeping to capture digital signatures that document that employees have reviewed and agree to your key policies (such as anti-discrimination or sexual harassment policies). A ClearForms online onboarding process results in an accessible digital record of all the steps required to have a new employee begin work.

Do you have different new employee requirements than the ones we have here, or do they happen in a different order? It's no problem to modify this workflow to fit your local needs and requirements. Whenever a workflow moves from a paper process to ClearForms, things happen faster: employees are ready to start their new job in less time, and all stakeholders are clear on each employee's status.

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