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California Guidance - Restaurant Reopening

California Guidance - Restaurant Reopening

ClearForms has built out a restaurant reopening workflow modeled on the new guidance released by CAL-OSHA for areas where restaurant operations can continue. This workflow allows county health departments to:

  • Clearly communicate reopening requirements to restaurants
  • Ensure that restaurants have a written COVID-19 response plan (which they can download at the end of the process)
  • Offer real-time open data to their community about which restaurants have submitted their reopening plan
  • Review and provide feedback on restaurant activities.

If you'd like to preview how this workflow would appear to a restaurant owner, use this link to test it.

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Use case
Post-COVID Reopening Procedures for California Restaurants
Environmental Health Departments
Time to complete
1-2 days
Has payment
Based on CAL-OSHA Guidance