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Board and Commisssion Application

Board and Commisssion Application

Your government works better when it has a full team of engaged, productive Commissioners and Board members. Many communities struggle to attract enough good candidates for open positions; putting your Board and Commission applications online can help you increase the number and quality of your applicants.

Key features:

  • Online application and review for potential Commissioners
  • Staff can communicate with and track all applicants
  • Increases size and quality of applicant pool

While some governments use Board and Commission-specific software packages, these can be cost-prohibitive for many small and medium-sized governments. ClearForms lets you create online application and review workflows, helping your staff screen, rank, and communicate with applicants for boards and commissions easily.

Some governments use one common application for all these types of positions (often including conditional fields based on which Commission or Commissions the applicant is interested in), while others develop specific workflows for each open position type. It's easy to reconfigure this workflow to meet your local needs, Commission and Board options, and residency requirements.

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