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Special Event and Block Party Permits

Special Event and Block Party Permits

Most communities want to increase the number of Block Parties and Special Events - they've been shown to increase community cohesion and help neighborhoods be better prepared for disasters. Unfortunately, many communities still expect local event hosts to do a lot of work to receive a permit for a special event or block party - visiting one or more department in person, collecting approval signatures, and paying fees. When the process is too difficult, there aren't many community events.

With ClearForms, we help governments review and approve more special event applications in less time, and with less staff time required. All staff reviews and approvals happen online, and can even be done on mobile or tablet. And ClearForms' real-time status availability reduces phone calls and emails back and forth between applicants and staff (and internally as well).

Key features:

  • Online application and reviews
  • Payment fees automatically calculated
  • Includes online survey feature for neighbor approval

This Special Event/ Block Party workflow even includes an online neighbor survey, to help hosts demonstrate that local neighbors and businesses approve of the potential street closure. They can also upload signatures gathered on paper. We've helped City of Santa Monica residents host more than five times as many block parties as they did two years ago, all with less staff time required.

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