Welcome to CityGrows!

Helpful links

We're so happy you're joining the CityGrows community. Here are all the links to the resources listed in our Welcome Guide

  • https://admin.citygrows.com/ - the fastest way to your admin dashboard.
  • https://go.citygrows.com/(yourteamname) - your Public Portal (after you've configured at least one new Team. Any time you see "go" at the beginning of a CityGrows URL it means you're on the Applicant version of the software. So when you're testing your workflow you'll be on "go" pages.
  • Help Docs (main page). Use this page to search (or it's even easier to use the search function in our online chat support - the small green box at the lower right of the screen.)
  • Glossary - learn how we use terms like Workflow, Process, and Output!
  • Help Docs: Getting Started Section.  A selection of articles to help you get up and running with your first workflow.
  • Help Docs: For Finance/ Accounting: Getting your bank account added so you can accept payments on CityGrows.
  • YouTube Training Playlist
  • Schedule 1:1 training with this link
  • Workflow planning interactive tool If you'd like to workshop some ideas on how to move your paper/ PDF-based business process online, feel free to use this planning exercise, then you can review with the team.
  • Don't forget you can reach us any time during business hours with our live chat (the little green box at the bottom right!)