Guide to Business Licensing Software for Local Governments

Constituent getting a business license on their phone

Why are governments switching to online business license software?

There are numerous benefits for local governments that switch from paper and PDF-based processes (and older technology platforms that aren't built for online applications, online payments, and online staff review and approvals). Some of the best reasons to move to a cloud-based business licensing software platform like ClearForms include:

  • showing respect for local businesses’ time
  • supporting faster business formation and job creation
  • increasing revenue for government
  • supercharging staff efficiency

Read more about the reasons why governments across the country are switching to online business licensing systems like ClearForms.

ClearForms case study: Online business licensing for Lake Barrington, IL

One way to understand the benefits and process of switching to cloud-based business licensing software is to dig in to one of our case studies:

Read about how Lake Barrington IL streamlined their business licensing with ClearForms

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What are the best practices for local governments for Business Licensing?

Issuing business licenses is one of the most important functions of local government. Business licenses help to insure the safety of local consumers, ensure compliance with local regulations, and help ensure that local businesses are tracked for taxation and inspections.

Read our detailed guide to learn more about these best practices for online business licensing

  • Collect the minimum amount of information required
  • Streamline multiple applications into one
  • Accept online payments through your online business license forms
  • Avoid email-based processes or paper-based reviews
  • Use simple language in renewal and delinquency reminders