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Erie, PA

Population: 96,471

Case study

Job applications

Santa Monica, CA

Population: 91,411

Case study

Special events

Lake Barrington, IL

Population: 4,879

Case study

Business licensing

Los Angeles, CA

Population: 3,990,000

Case study

Sidewalk dining

Chelsea, MA

Population: 40,160

Case study

Business licensing

York, PA

Population: 44,118

Case study

Building permits

Inyo County, CA

Population: 17,987

Case study

Fictitious business name registration

CityGrows supports almost any type of permit or license.
Below are just a few examples.

Business Licenses

Governments that use CityGrows often see a 2-5x increase in business license filings from home-based businesses. Many of these businesses have never submitted before.

Building & Zoning

When governments move permit and zoning workflows from PDF applications to CityGrows, there's less hassle for applicants and staff. Permits are issued faster, and data is more complete.

Special Events Permits

Special event permits often require multiple departments to sign off and review. With CityGrows, routing for approval is automatic and applicants are kept up to date.

Job Applications

Hiring to fill a public safety or fire position? Increase the size and diversity of your applicant pool with CityGrows online applications

Are We The Best Fit For You?

You'll Love Using CityGrows if...

  • You're a city, town, or county whose population ranges from 2500 to 4,000,000. Governments with as few as 3 staffers see a huge increase in efficiency.
  • You want to improve how you collect, track, and organize data for permits and applications
  • You want to improve communication with your constituents
  • You’re looking for a partner and better tools— not a vendor.