Why choose CityGrows?
Catherine Geanuracos
July 20, 2021

Why choose CityGrows?

So you can do more with less!

CityGrows is the only workflow automation platform built specifically to accommodate the needs of small- and medium-sized governments (though we work well with large governments too). CityGrows helps non-technical staff set up and manage digital services through our self-service software.

  • Makes government services available 24/7 and on mobile phones and tablets
  • Helps staff prioritize their time and work smarter
  • Shows data in real time about operations, revenue and improvements.

Do you want to help your staff work more efficiently?

The City of Erie, PA is able to handle a much higher volume of service and bulky item pickup requests with the same number of staff.

When a workflow moves onto CityGrows, we often see a significant increase in the total number of submissions from the public, because people are searching for digital services. But because the CityGrows smart dashboard helps staff prioritize their time and focus their efforts where they're needed, teams can handle higher overall volumes of requests with the same or less staff time.

Is your government interested in capturing more revenue?

Inyo County, CA saw the number of completed Fictitious Business Name process filings triple when they launched a CityGrows workflow. The same thing happened with Santa Monica's Block Party permits.

When Santa Monica switched from paper block party applications to digital applications on CityGrows, they saw a 5x increase in the number of block parties, and a 5x increase in revenue. Inyo County saw twice as many Fictitious Business Name filings compared to the previous year, and double the revenue, without more staff time required.

Would you like to eliminate unnecessary data entry (and data entry errors)?

Santa Monica, CA reduced the time it takes to complete a business license process from 12 weeks to 12 days by reducing incomplete entries and fast-tracking reviews through our smart dashboard.

Nobody likes doing data entry, or having to send an incomplete form back to an applicant. With CityGrows, the system won't allow the submission of incomplete or incorrectly formatted data, saving everyone time and headaches. And

If you could reduce your technology spending, where would you add more staff resources?

The City of Monrovia, CA replaced an expensive HR technology system with CityGrows saving tens of thousands of dollars in licensing fees (enough to pay for a new staff position!)

Governments are using CityGrows in place of traditional standalone software. You can use CityGrows for any of these:

  • Building and zoning permits
  • Business licensing and use permits
  • Job and commission applications
  • Employee tracking and evaluations

How much does it cost? Check out our pricing page to see our low-cost options for any size/ shape of government. There's no cost to start setting up and testing CityGrows.

Get in touch and let us know how you'd like to use CityGrows!

Catherine Geanuracos

Catherine is the CEO and a Co-Founder of CityGrows. She's dedicated to supporting local governments and helping them improve outcomes for their residents and staff members. She is a former VP of the City of Los Angeles Innovation and Performance Commission and co-founder of LA's Code for America Brigade Hack for LA. She's based in Los Angeles.

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