New Logo, Site Design, and Workflow terminology
Catherine Geanuracos
July 20, 2021

New Logo, Site Design, and Workflow terminology

If you've been a CityGrows user for a while, you've noticed some changes over the last few weeks.

We've got a whole new look! And there are more changes happening "under the hood" too.

We've got a new logo! Thanks to the team at Place and Page, our new logo not only has the C and G from City and Grows, it also evokes the images of a building (City) and a leaf (Grows). And the upward arrow is the perfect symbol for how we feel about the progress we're making with our partner governments.

Our colors are new - we're more green than blue (that leaf again) and a little easier on the eyes.

We've also got new fonts. We think they make the site feel calmer and more open - and we know that everyone in local government could use a little more calm in their lives.

This process not only had us thinking about shapes and colors - it was a good opportunity to think about and revise our values. We're constantly striving to improve and to embody the values that guide our work.

We made a new video that explains how CityGrows works- and we've got some great illustrations that we're using across all our materials. We'll be creating more videos as we go!

One more change you'll notice - we've been replacing "process" and some of the other words we've used in the past with "workflow" consistently throughout the product and our help docs (that's still a work in progress and probably will be for a while!). We describe CityGrows as a workflow automation platform for local government, and we wanted to be consistent about how we speak and write about what we do.

Going forward, you'll see "Workflows" in your navigation, and we'll only use "Templates" to refer to workflows configured specifically for other governments to copy and adapt.

We hope you're as excited as we are about the changes we're making. Stay tuned for more!

Catherine Geanuracos

Catherine is the CEO and a Co-Founder of CityGrows. She's dedicated to supporting local governments and helping them improve outcomes for their residents and staff members. She is a former VP of the City of Los Angeles Innovation and Performance Commission and co-founder of LA's Code for America Brigade Hack for LA. She's based in Los Angeles.

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