Local governments building COVID-19 relief applications on CityGrows
Catherine Geanuracos
July 20, 2021

Local governments building COVID-19 relief applications on CityGrows

Local governments across the country are innovating to support their local economies. Here are examples of two local governments using workflow automation to gather and review local business relief grant applications during COVID-19:

In Newport, Oregon the Newport Urban Renewal Agency agreed to transfer $1,000,000 of accumulated, unrestricted interest earnings from the South Beach Urban Renewal District to the City for a one-time, taxpayer-funded small business assistance grant program. The City was able to quickly stand up a grant application form on CityGrows, and is also having staff review and approve grant applications on the platform. Staff can work remotely and easily get clarification on submitted applications, all within the CityGrows platform.

Interested in creating your own local relief grant application on CityGrows? All COVID-related workflows are free to use for any local government.

The City of York, Pennsylvania has allocated Federal Community Development Block Grant funding towards supporting its businesses with 5 or fewer employees in the low and moderate income areas of the City. They're awarding grants of up to $5,000 per business, and taking applications through a CityGrows workflow. We used their grant application to create a COVID-19 grant application workflow template - an easy way for any other governments to copy and then customize their application. The York application was available in both English and Spanish versions (York has stopped accepting new applications for this program).

We couldn't be prouder to be helping these local governments quickly, transparently, and efficiently solicit and review grant applications so they can help their local small businesses navigate the challenges of COVID-19.

Catherine Geanuracos

Catherine is the CEO and a Co-Founder of ClearForms. She's dedicated to supporting local governments and helping them improve outcomes for their residents and staff members. She is a former VP of the City of Los Angeles Innovation and Performance Commission and co-founder of LA's Code for America Brigade Hack for LA. She's based in Los Angeles.

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