CityGrows Communication
Jasmine Burns
July 20, 2021

CityGrows Communication

At CityGrows, our goal is to embody our values in our internal and external communication. Our tone is positive, friendly, informative - we strive to never be condescending, snarky, or bad-tempered, even when we have a strong opinion or are frustrated. We are polite and express gratitude and appreciation frequently. When we have to give critical feedback, we consider the potential tone and impact of our communication and seek to stress ways to improve and solve problems, rather than dwelling on negative aspects of internal or external dynamics. That being said, we understand that difficult conversations and situations are an inevitable part of working closely together on ambitious goals, so we approach them with an attitude of mutual respect and seek to create an atmosphere of psychological safety. We value discussion, different opinions, and strong views expressed respectfully. We call each other out when we need it, and most importantly we appreciate everyone’s work. If someone is being awesome, make sure they know it!

Our communications are driven by our values, particularly our goal of creating a collaborative relationship within our team and with all our stakeholders, including our government clients and their constituents. Here are the characteristics we seek to embody in our communication and customer success interactions:

  • Curiosity
  • Empathy
  • Friendliness
  • Helpfulness
  • Respect
  • Responsiveness
  • Simplicity

We try to respond to inquiries and support requests as quickly as possible, and we commit to responding during all U.S. business hours and weekday evenings. The best way to reach us quickly is through our online chat. Please get in touch!

Jasmine Burns

Jasmine Burns is ClearForms' Customer Success Manager. She supports new governments in learning how to use ClearForms and manages our online support channels. She studied cybersecurity at the University of Maryland and has been part of the ClearForms team since 2018. She's based in Erie, Pennsylvania.

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